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Homicide Investigation

Simply stated, a Homicide is the killing of one person by another. It could be a Murder, a Manslaughter, a Justifiable killing, an Accident, or have been committed in Self-Defense. There can be both Criminal and / or Civil penalties. Our firm has vast experience in Homicide Investigation.

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Officer Involved Shootings

An Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) is the On or Off-Duty shooting of a person by a Law Enforcement Officer in performance of their duty that results in Great Bodily Injury or Death. OIS's can be ruled Justifiable, Accidental, or Criminal. There may be both Criminal and / or Civil penalties. Our firm has vast experience investigating OIS's.

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In-Custody Deaths

An In-Custody Death is the death of a person confined in a jail or prison or while in the custody of a Law Enforcement Officer. The death may have resulted from Natural Causes, Suicide, a Drug Overdose, or an Accident. It may have also resulted from a Homicide. There may be Criminal and / or Civil penalties. Our firm has extensive experience investigating In-Custody Deaths.

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Missing Persons

People go missing voluntarily or in-voluntarily. They may leave on their own or become disorientated and lost. They may have been kidnapped and are being held against their will. Immediate investigation of Missing Person cases is paramount. Our firm has experience and success investigating Missing Person cases.

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About Us

We offer full-service consultation, independent investigation, case review and supply expert witness testimony in all Homicide, Murder, Manslaughter, Self-Defense, Suspicious Deaths, Suicides, and Missing Person cases.

We also specialize in the independent investigation, review and supplying of expert witness testimony in all Law Enforcement related cases involving Fatal & Non-Fatal Officer Involved Shootings, the Use of Deadly Force, In-Custody Deaths, and Crimes Committed Against Peace Officers that resulted in Great Bodily Injury or Death.

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