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What types of cases does Bobby Dean Investigations handle? 

We offer full-service consultation, Independent Investigation, case review and expert witness testimony in all law enforcement related cases involving Fatal & Non-Fatal Officer Involved Shootings, the Use of Deadly Force, In-Custody Deaths, and Crimes Committed Against Peace Officers that resulted in Great Bodily Injury or Death.

Our Independent Investigations and review of all Law Enforcement Critical Incidents include: a complete review of all investigative materials (police reports, scene photos, autopsy protocols, drug analysis, recorded and transcribed interviews, all media, body worn camera evidence, surveillance footage, ballistics and trajectory evidence, computer and cell phone evidence, conducting crime scene reconstruction, scene site inspections, interviews and re-interviews of witness, victims and suspects, supplying an expert opinion of specific case related investigative issues, and more.

We are also available to conduct Independent Investigative efforts on behalf of defense attorney’s and defendants in Homicide cases including: Special Circumstance Death Penalty cases, 1st & 2nd Degree Murder, Voluntary & Involuntary Manslaughter and Self-Defense cases.

We are also available to investigate Missing Person, Suspicious Deaths and Suicide cases on behalf of relatives and family members.

How Much Do Private Investigative Services Cost?

Generally, the cost will depend on the service needed.  Services are billed at retained or hourly rates.  Fees can vary greatly depending on the service rendered, the service area, and the investigator’s level of expertise.  Rates typically start out at $50.00 per hour on the low end and range up to $125.00 per hour for investigators who are experts in their field of expertise.  Investigators can also be retained for a set retainer fee on very complex criminal and civil cases that may span long periods of time which may extend throughout a preliminary hearing or trial.

Do you charge a Consultation Fee?

Bobby Dean Investigations will conduct an initial phone or in person consultation with you about your specific situation at No Cost to You.  If after our consultation we feel your situation can be handled efficiently and at a lower cost, or by other means or another firm, we will refer you to those resources.

What fees does Bobby Dean Investigation charge?

That depends on the complexity and seriousness of the matter.  The more complex and serious the matter, the more investigative time, resources, and expertise will be required to properly address your specific issue.  Bobby Dean Investigation fees range between $50 to $125 per hour depending on the complexity of your case.  We do have a list of our fees and expenses which can be supplied to you in advance of any decision to retain our services.  After consultation, we will be able to give you a fairly accurate quote.  All fees and costs will be detailed up front and we will require a retainer or deposit for our services before any investigative steps are taken on your case.

Should I hire you if I already have an attorney?

If you are already represented by an attorney, you should first consult with your attorney to determine whether or not your matter needs additional investigative services.  If you are not currently represented, we can refer to attorneys that specialize in areas of your concern.

How is my payment handled?

We accept a variety of payment options for your convenience; personal checks, cash, money orders, Zelle and direct deposits.

How soon will you begin working on my case?

We begin working on your case immediately after we are retained and throughout the term of our contractual agreement.

Does a Private Investigator Need to be Licensed?

Yes.  Anyone working in California as a Private Investigator must have a California Private Investigator’s license issued by the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.  Before hiring a PI, verify that they are currently licensed.  Anyone can access the BSIS web site to check to see if someone is licensed as a Private Investigator in California and the current status of that license.  Bobby Dean Investigations is currently Licensed through the California BSIS under license #189087.

Are you Insured?

Although not legally required to do so, Bobby Dean Investigations has a General Liability Insurance Policy in effect with a local Insurance Carrier.  We are more than happy to produce verification of this policy prior to beginning work on your case.

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